Loving God, Loving Our Neighbours

Three Small Group sessions are available this September.  Please sign up for a group at Church on the back table or by filling in the form on this page.

Group 1

Format: Mixed Group

Led by: Cliff Dawson-North

Meeting Time: Thursday Evenings

First Meeting: Currently Meeting

Study Material: Book of Romans

Group 2

Format: Ladies' Group

Led By: Tricia Kupchenko

Meeting Time: Monday Evenings

First Meeting: Currently Meeting

Study Material: "When God Doesn't Fix It" by Laura Story

Group 3

Format: Men's Group

Led By: Chris Haggith

Meeting Time: Wednesday Evenings

First Meeting: Currently Meeting

Study Material: Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah

Join a Group!

The Neighbourhood emphasizes a core value of connecting people into small groups who take care of each other and learn together.  We believe that participation in small groups is  as important as participating in Sunday Worship Services to one's spiritual journey.
In a small group you will be able to experience  care, practical support, spiritual growth and authentic relationships.  This all takes place as you study the Bible together,  have fun together, pray together, and share in each other's lives.